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Pastoral Hotel

Stop in and see the newly renovated Pastoral Hotel in Dubbo today! Packed with all new features, including an indoor kids play area, sports bar, cocktail bar and outdoor balcony seating.

Located at 110 Talbragar Street in Dubbo, NSW, only a short distance from the Macquarie River. The Pastoral Hotel in recent years has evolved from being simply the iconic heritage listed hotel in Dubbo residents know and love, to becoming the city’s family, sport and hospitality hub.

With plenty of live entertainment, musos and sport, every night is perfect to come in and explore our new venue.

Photo of the Hotel from the street with a double rainbow behind

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Operating Hours

Sunday - Thursday: 5pm to 10pm
Friday - Saturday: 5pm to Midnight


0428 520 699

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Opening Hours

Monday - Thursday: 10am - Midnight
Friday: 10am to 3am
Saturday: 10am to 2am
Sunday: 11am to 10pm


110 Talbragar Street, Dubbo, NSW 2830


02 6882 4219